Second to the right

The shadow appeared before the boy, distorted through the window by it's modern decorations. Surprising even now how he managed the blinds, nimble footed and silent as he slipped inside. It was but a moment before the boy stood at the brass footer, staring. Twinkling stars suspended in the air above his devilish smile. It was the moment to seize, the moment to leave.

"Second to the right, and straight on till morning." -J.M Barrie

Swimming on the wind in mimicry of the clouds, the moist from the altitude wasn't noteworthy. Nightlife below, stars above, the pinpricks of light were easily confused for the other. There was no horizon, only hand in hand soaring for seemingly forever towards a land beyond.

Rising upon arrival, the sun threw a spotlight on the destination. Peaks rose gloriously, bathed pink and orange in the sunrise. Their valleys, at the time an emerald abyss, lead into the surrounding lands.  A ribbon of river drained too from the mountains,  glimmering it's way into the sea. It took bites out of the island, that sea, leaving serene lagoons for life to thrive. In the distance, smoke steadily streamed to the atmosphere from a location not yet known. It's polar opposite; a familiar shape protruding from angry waves, seemingly casting a shadow on itself. Above it all, a rainbow played peek-a-boo.

Yes, this was Neverland.

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