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 This reminds me of a book my stepbrother lent me to read while in the forests of Belgium.
I was skeptical, judging the book by it's cover of course. According to him, the book was promising enough to have read "four or five times, at least." First edition, based on one of the most popular console games of this age, a New York Times quote as I've come to expect of book covers; Not a book I would have picked for myself. 
I was swimming in Sci-Fi jargon. Oddly enough, the immediate immersion into a world completely unknown wasn't a cover-closer. Pushing vigilantly through, if not fueled by the strange words, was character development so strong it would have taken a nuke to mask it. Did I mention there's also a nuke?
I fell in love with the unlikeliest of characters, for the book is written from multiple perspectives. Walk in the shoes of an unfortunate species, witness the complexities of humanity in artificial intelligence, have your heart beat camaraderie with whichever side you choose.
Most importantly, read the book from cover to cover. You will laugh, you will shed a tear, and the end may leave you bawling silently in the dark of your room, contemplating love, existence, and what lies beyond the Belgian forests.
The book was #HALO  : Contact Harvest , supposedly depicting the first ever contact with aliens. In other words, this book is the catalyst for the whole Halo series . At least, that's what my stepbrother told me.
I suggest everyone and anyone read this book. You don't have to be into Science Fiction to understand it. 

I've been... #INSPIRED  . Thank you, +Le Andre' Ward , and have a wonderful week!

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