Defining Glass

Glass is a tool. It will be defined by it's uses (and misuses).

Don't take my picture.

I myself am concerned for my privacy with glass. I do not like my photo being taken, and tend to look around and avoid people I see with their smartphones out. When talking to someone, I don't like that they can "Ok, Glass, Take a picture," and I have no time to stop them, and no way to grab the device and delete the image without picking up an assault charge.  If this was real life, and I actually took your picture back there when I typed "Ok, Glass, Take a picture," you would have had no way to stop me or escape the frame.

Seriously, gauge your reaction time. Have a conversation with someone, and have them randomly say, "Ok Glass Take A Picture."Just gauge your reaction time. Were you able to process what they were doing, and react accordingly? I tried this with a smartphone, I don't have glass, and couldn't leap out of the way in time, unless I knew it was coming. I did manage to fling myself to the ground, once. That worked well, until we factored in that the person looking at you would just follow your movements. There is no escape?

Talk to me.

In the same respect, when I'm talking to someone, I want to talk to them. Nothing peeves me more than being in conversation and watching the person take out their phone. I don't care what you have to reference, and I do not want to put the conversation on hold while you source your point. I don't want to see pictures from the internet, or watch a youtube. Actually I found a plus side to glass, it's harder to shove it in someone's face. You have to shove it on their face. 

Smartphones have taken us back a step, if I do say so myself. Watching a technology-addled adult struggle to find directions using Google Maps, and their GPS, and this and that, while I just walk up to someone and ask where the nearest convenience store is, or best yet when I point to it... Well, it's hysterical. 

Also, about all those teenagers on their phones. Wow! In five years will we see everyone standing still staring into space and talking to themselves, instead of pushing their thumbs into the palms they are staring at? There has been a semi-recent rocketing of the coolness factor in the "nerd genre" of things, will Glass have more than just hipsters clamoring for frames? Drunk dialing, has it become easier? Is Glass a secret key to educating youngsters? What's up? Where is the future? How do we truly define Glass?

To me privacy is one issue with Google Glass that is barreling over the broader topic of societal evolution, of which it is a large factor of. Debates are flourishing all over the internet, everyone wants to know about the future of Glass, it's defining purpose.  Dennis D. McDonald asks, Has Google Lost Control of Glass? I might have to agree with him.

This entry is comprised of re-arranged and revised statements written by myself in public comments on this thread.

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