The Golden Age of Acceptance

Honestly, I hope the first world nations of the planet get a wake up call.

I hope everyone in the world opens their eyes, and sees the reflection of themselves in one another. 

Pointless hate, discrimination, I want it all gone.

I want more opportunities for youth, the elderly, anyone, to be able to help the world where they can, how they can.

Beautify our cities, revive the cultures, feed each other, help each other;
Become a diverse global community of awesome.

I want every creature on planet Earth to live harmoniously as nature intended, without intentional destruction, without forgetting that this is our one and only planet Earth

Our borders won't matter in a thousand years.
I want travel between the lands and nations of Earth to be accessible to all
For no single nation, person, or business to dictate the planet's economy.

I want people to develop real life relationships, as well as ones online. I want to bring back community and personal economy, promote people to open their own stores, manufacture their own goods.
As for factories: 
I want them to embrace technology, 
I want them to support the communities they are in and provide jobs and training, and never hire a machine over a worker.

I want the illusion of the importance of the number on the dollar bill to diminish, 
Personal worth and happiness are far more important, 
As is the survival of the human race. There is no reason for anyone to starve on this planet.

I want the economy to blossom, I want the individual to be recognized for what he or she contributes to society. I want communication to flourish, I want to see children playing in their yards, polite exchange of comments on the street.

I want every human to be provided with basic needs; food, water and shelter, and the equal opportunity to succeed: Access to the Internet. 
I want to take a price off of knowledge, and share it with everyone. I want to teach others, be taught by others, and know that learning is happening everywhere always. I want us all to look at each other, learn from each other, love each other.

I want The Golden Age of Acceptance. 

The best part? It's completely possible.

This Is Why I Occupy


  1. Inspiring, a part of it resembles something that I wrote once.

    1. I'm glad others feel what I feel. The more that arrive at this conclusion, the more that can fight to make this a reality.


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