Message to the Police of America

Shame on you, Police.

You are the new gestapo . 

You are the henchmen for The Man.

You invoke fear in who your job is to protect . 

You are the guilty who are "just following orders." 

You are the holder of the weapon , 
You hold the power to control yourself.
You hold the power to stop violence. 

You, the police , are the ones meant to protect us ,
While we stand out here, in the weather on the streets,
Protecting your rights, your pension, your free speech.

Has your paycheck become more important than being human, 
Does that uniform give you the divine right to decide who deserves to painfully suffer, 

who deserves to be beat and battered

And is this a grope I see?

You, the cop in the riot gear, hand on your baton,
Would you beat down that protester if he was your son?
Would you spray that woman in the eyes if she was your mother?

Why, Policemen , do you use war tactics on civilians, on citizens of your homeland?
Why is our government calling for attack on it's own people?

Is there a war in the United States going on that I don't know about?

The conflicted warring nations that 
the very countries that we send our forces...
 to liberate

(And you wonder why we Occupy.)

We are liberating ourselves, Policeman,

Through our peaceful occupations.

Join us,  we're already with you.

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