He had in one ear a diamond, a smaller gem in the other. They rested nearly flat against his head, his ears, but I remember the glint of those diamonds prominent regardless of which angle I observed him from.

Short black hair, olive skin, glittering ears, his name was Raffaniel. A crooked smile, canines always showing on one side if not the other. His teeth weren't dazzlingly white, but I didn't notice them from behind his ears and eyes. In high contrast to the white bright jewels he wore besides his head were those eyes, black onyx orbs set in his skull. Dark abysses devoid of light, they bore holes into anything and everything they focused on. I remember not being able to differentiate his pupil from his iris and cornea, if there was in fact even a difference. Yes, these eyes were like black holes into which my attention was sucked whenever we spoke. They were surrounded in thick lashes, long or short I can't recall.

Wad his nose straight? It was smaller than mine, a swooping bridge with a bauble at the bottom. Just below it, a firm kiss positioned itself in a pout, sealed quietly shut to match his daringly bashful disposition.

Raffaniel's apparel was no justice to his face, the same way his hands-in-pockets posture put off from his pleasantly stocky form. A frayed denim vest, over a worn gray sweater with raggedy sleeves, jeans with holes in them, but still these rags could not rob him of his beauty. As a child, may have been a cherub. Now, however, Raffaniel was a fallen angel, lost to the world and trapped here in my dreams.

We met at a carnival, just behind the funhouse, six meters from the popcorn and candy cart. The night was crisp, the machines warm, and the cotton candy was sweet. By the looks other patrons gave us, we must have been teenagers. Later, at the grocery, he bought me gummies shaped like donuts. I returned his lopsided smile with a full one of my own, adding a hug to inhale his musty scent.

His name was Raffaniel, and though I've only met him twice, I've known him for a lifetime. How I wish he was real, instead of a boy trapped in my mind.

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