A Whole Museum Of Disgust

I've unfortunately come to realize that not everyone harbors the same appreciation or respect for history as I. Wandering the halls of Versailles and the Louvre, I witnesses despicable and disgusting acts, acts of which I consider to be against the goal of historical preservation, as well as downright disrespectful to history itself.

Now, it could be said that I am just being sensitive, that everyone shows their appreciation for history and it's stunning artifacts through different avenues, that such love can me expressed through a multitude of subjective ways. However, I find some of these acts to be as appalling as crime itself, more so because of the blatant signs that ban many of these uncomely behaviors.

Flash Photography, the sin of all sins. The act that has the capacity to boil my blood, toil my rage, and spoil my euphoric mood. I'm done talking about this, for anyone with a third of a braincell knows that flash photography is bad for ancient artifacts. Common knowledge to the educated world, and if you didn't know: now you do!

We get it. You're here. You're surrounded in history and - hey presto- you can coordinate your clothing. You look nice, but you know what's six thousand times more interesting that I want in my shot besides you? Get ready for a huge shocker: I want to photograph the artifact behind you! The one you and your swelled with narcissism head are currently blocking the view of! I understand that you want a photo of yourself next to something so amazing, who wouldn't, but I find there is a thick road-block-esque moat between 'picture of me with the Mona Lisa' and 'Me modeling by the Mona Lisa'. While 12 other people and myself attempt to view the object you are using as a prop in your 'Photoshoot at the Louvre', sighing and aheming and giving you every other clue to MOVE, you continue to pose, check the picture, and demand another shot because your hair wasn't perfect or something equally as insignificant to the rest of the world. Do us all a favor, snap your photo and move along. Your picture might look great as a 'facebook default', but we really honestly truly madly deeply don't care. We care that the museum closes in less than 2 hours, that you are blocking the view, and that you are wasting everyones time.

Talking over tour guides is something that you just don't do. They are tour guides for a reason. Please shut up so I can continue to learn, thank you!

Exhibiting boredom rudely. Why?

Playing with your phone or video-game device is one of the most disrespectful things you could possibly do while surrounded by the works of ages.

Lack of courtesy for others. This includes but is not limited to screaming, shouting, running, pushing, shoving, and line cutting. Just, no! I swear, people forget what it means to be civilized humans.

Touching- I shuddered simply typing the word. Do you know how many slime ridden germs, acids, and decomposition agents dwell in the greasy grimy crevices of your oily grubby fingerprint?

I've worked myself into a rage.

People, please. Museums are not playgrounds. Appreciate responsibly.

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