That Weird Friend

You know that one friend you have, the one that you don’t bring around your other friends? The weird one.

You hangout with them one on one, and they’re always there to talk to if you need something. They never really need anything from you, they’re always happy and bubbly and can always cheer you up. You don’t bring them around your other friends though, because well… this friend is different. Your other friends won’t like this friend… they’d think that this special friend was WEIRD.
So maybe you blow them off every now and then, because your other friends all want you to hangout. This friend doesn’t mind. 

Oh, shit. Ok, well, i guess its cool that this new friend is around the other friends. You just…don’t pay much attention to them is all. New friend wants to bum a cig, so you hand them the keys to your car. Minimal contact, you don’t want to be TOO associated to the weirdo, right?
No big deal, right? Your regular friends ask who that person is, oh, just a friend, so what were you saying about this-or-that?

Wait…where did they go? They probably had to be home for dinner or something, Oh well. You’ll just keep having fun with the normal friends, until the fun is over and everyone goes separate ways. Then you suppose you should shoot the weird friend a call, wondering why they left so early? It doesn’t matter that they left 2, 3, 4, hours ago, yesterday… They won’t mind the delay.

Well, the “weird” friend does mind.  They mind it all. And it makes them hate themselves, for being so weird, so different, so nice, so open, so loving, so caring, so quiet, so bubbly, so sincere. Most of all, the “weird” friend hates that they didn’t catch this sooner. 
For being so dumb.
For letting it happen. Again. 

Written September, 2010

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