The Raven Drinking Game

Grab a bottle of wine (or your booze of choice) and set yourself up with The Raven
This game is best played on a midnight dreary. 
Feel free to exclude rules if you feel they are too much to handle, unreasonable, or just too alcoholic. 
Be prepared to read. This is a vocal drinking game.

Out loud, begin reading The Raven. Read the poem with heart, with fear, with whatever emotion you feel compelled to expel the words with. The game will be that much more enjoyable if participants let themselves be engulfed in the poetry they are drinking with. 

Drink every time...

  • ...Poe ends a sentence with the word "door"
    • Edgar Allan Poe used the word "door" 14 times in the poem "The Raven". Another recurring formation of letters is "more", which are the last four letters of every stanza. 
  • ...A new emotion is introduced
    • The narrator of the poem goes through a range of emotions. You should be able to hear this shift in the way the poem is being read. 
  • ...You mess up reading The Raven
    •  Messing up includes both the mispronunciation of words and botching the rhythm. 
  • ...The Raven is Quoth
    • For every line of the Raven's, take a drink. 
  • ...There is an unfamiliar word
    • If the group has to look up the word, everyone takes two drinks.
    • If you knew the word prior to the group looking it up, only take one drink
  • ...Poe writes of heaven or hell
    • Angels, demons, the pearly gates, the third circle. If it pertains to Heaven or Hell, drink.

Image by Shannon Gaspich (source)

Please drink responsibly, have fun, and enjoy!

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  1. Sounds like my cup of tea, still having a rough time with this poem for so many years! :-D


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